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If you are one of my students, surprise I am the same nerdy guy on the internet just like I am in the classroom. If you are a parent of one of my students, thank you so much for allowing me to teach your child about the wonderful world of Economics. I find that a majority of my students are often seniors who are confused about what their next steps should be. What should they major in? What college should they go to? Do they really need to go to college? These are all questions I have been asked countless times in my office hours, so I decided to make this website to address them. Here you will find a collection of stories that I hope help you plan your college career. As always, if you have more questions I am always available during free period, and I am happy to chat about anything you want!

Jay Kravetz

Teacher and Mentor

AP Economics Teacher, Economics Enthusiast, and Vanderbilt Alumni

When reflecting on your journey and what led me to where I am today, I often think of my schooling at Vanderbilt. It was by far the most influential 4 years of my life that really shaped me as an intellectual and economist.
In my opinion, I think there is no greater joy than grooming the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.
My door is always open.
Economic case studies that I particularly enjoyed reading. I hope you all enjoy econ as much as I do!

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