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Jay Kravetz

AP Economics Teacher
Vanderbilt alumni

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I am an AP Economics teacher at Carmel High School. Many people ask me what made me want to be a teacher, and I usually reply, “Do you have time to hear the answer?” So strap in ladies and gentlemen!

If you are familiar with my education (check the My Journey tab!), you know that I had a summer internship at American Express the summer before my senior year of college. This experience taught me that corporate was very much not for me. Although the work was interesting, I felt that I wasn’t growing intellectually. I found myself doing the same projects and running the same analysis over and over again, and ultimately I grew bored of my position.

Conducting my honors thesis the following months was a totally different experience all together. It was the first time I was able to study what I wanted and how I wanted. I had the best experience and a fantastic director to guide me through the research process. This single thesis made me realize that I was built for academia.
In my opinion, I think there is no greater joy than grooming the minds of tomorrow’s leaders. Because I teach seniors most of the time, it is very exciting to see them get ready for the next stage of their life. I often have students visit me during free period to chat about college application, declaring a major, and more. It brings me a lot of joy to help motivated students get into the college of their dreams, because I remember when I was in their shoes.

Overall, I love being a teacher. It is a very rewarding experience, and I am lucky to work with such a motivated staff and faculty.